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  • Naked Lime

    The consultative approach we use to create more effective marketing for each dealership is different than anything else in our industry. We use an exclusive combination of transactional, behavioral, and demographic data to understand who your most profitable dealership customers are, what they want, and what will make them buy it.

  • Pre-Screen

    Know which vehicles and payment options your customers can afford from the start. With Pre-Screen, your dealership can pre-approve customers early in the sales cycle from Contact Management to tailor the sales approach, speed up the sales and f&i processes, and improve the customer’s buying experience. Use Pre-Screen to increase the number of qualified leads, improve your closing ratio, and decrease wasted time in the sales process.
  • eNegotiator

    Did you know 62% of consumers ranked negotiating as the worst part of the car buying process? With eNegotiator, your dealership can change that. Utilize this solution to streamline the negotiation process and enhance the consumer experience by easily communicating client information and deal expectations to the sales manager without leaving the consumer. Your dealership will empower consumers with a positive, interactive negotiating experience, provide transparency and efficiency in your sales process, and improve your closing ratio.
  • Equity Calculator

    What if I could give you a list of customers that have the potential to buy from you today? What would that be worth?

    Meet Equity Calculator - a proactive solution that shortens customer buying cycles, attracts desirable trades, and increases your gross profit. Equity Calculator regularly analyzes your dealership’s sold vehicle records and compares each customer’s assumed payoff against vehicle valuation data to calculate each customer’s equity position. Use Equity Calculator to better evaluate your customer base and focus marketing efforts on more successful campaigns that bring in better prospects.

  • Reputation Management

    Your dealership reputation alone might not sell cars, but it can absolutely UN-sell them. Know what customers are saying and participate where it counts. With the right approach, unhappy customers can become raving fans.
  • Callbright

    Callbright provides complete, real-time telephone communication management to help businesses optimize marketing investments and enhance customer relationships. Clients can track advertising effectiveness through telephone responses, record and monitor inbound calls, track outbound calls, and send broadcast messages. Additionally, training features provided through Callbright help establish accountability and improve the performance of personnel, leading to increased profitability. Its web-based solutions are practical and cost-effective, requiring no equipment or software installation, and allowing clients to connect to the solution from anywhere with internet access.

  • Contact Management

    Accomplish your customer relationship management goals with Contact Management – a single, comprehensive solution that fully works with your ERA or POWER DMS. Contact Management drives efficiency into your sales process by hosting all data from leads, desked deals, F&I, service, parts, and accounting in its single interface. Through its mobility and stronger reporting, Contact Management offers your dealership flexibility while maintaining accuracy and offering updated, real time information. Contact Management fits the needs of every dealership through its customizable functionality and display, so the system matches exactly how your dealership prefers to work.

  • DigiSales

    Better manage the car deal from “hello.” Use DigiSales, the mobile application for Contact Management, to coach salespeople of all skill levels and more effectively handle showroom traffic. This solution will improve your dealership’s sales process and give customers an improved buying experience. With geo-fencing technology, a built-in up system, sales step reinforcement, and real-time communication capabilities between the sales staff, DigiSales helps both sales managers and salespeople perform their daily duties and tasks efficiently and effectively.  
  • Digital Advertising

    Digital advertising uses refined targeting technology to match your dealership inventory and services with customers in your market who have shown active interest in what you can provide. As a Google Premier Partner with 400+ individual digital marketing certifications, we deliver expertly managed services that provide maximum return on digital advertising budgets.

  • Text Messaging

    Did you know the majority of your customers prefer text messaging over any other form of communication? In fact, text messages have a 98% open rate compared to only 20% for emails. With Text Messaging for Contact Management, employees can send text messages to customers and receive text alerts about specific customers. Your dealership can easily manage text messaging activity from your Contact Management inbox and Traffic screens. Better engage your customers by communicating with them how they want to be communicated with.
  • Learn It Now!

    Want learn how to use Contact Management like a pro? Do you want to customize the solution to meet your dealership’s needs? Check out the Learn It Now lessons on the help page!

  • XtreamService

    XtreamService digs deep into each customer’s profile, considering their transactional, behavioral, and demographic characteristics to find customers likely to buy regardless of — or in spite of — their equity position. Once we find your hottest leads, we help you craft offers they can’t refuse.
  • Call Tracking

    Log all users’ phone call details and provide reporting within Contact Management. With Call Tracking, dealers get accurate information and can ensure calls are made diligently and handled appropriately. Call Tracking works invisibly in the background with an existing phone system, allowing management to monitor who is completing assigned phone activities.

  • Web

    Your dealership website shouldn’t just show your inventory — it needs to actively drive business. It gets harder every day to win online shoppers who expect personalization and individualized service. Our customer-centric automotive websites, expertly managed SEO services, and full suite of retail tools make your website a powerful vehicle sales engine.